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About Ragle Incorporated

Since 1993 Ragle Incorporated has been working on or has completed numerous construction projects in the States of Indiana , Kentucky, Texas and Illinois. Ragle, Inc. concentrates primarily on highway and bridge construction but also performs work listed on the Capabilities page.


We value our reputation for meeting contractual commitments while achieving economic results for our clients. Ragle, Inc. uses their highly experienced personnel to complete projects to the owner's satisfaction.


Ragle, Inc. delivers competitive quality construction work; due to the company’s ability to complete the majority of work with its own forces. Our team of highly specialized professionals has years of experience successfully completing complex and demanding projects. We have years of experience in estimating, scheduling, engineering and budgeting to provide the owner with a very cost effective project.


The company prides ourselves in maintaining our own fleet of modern construction equipment. We presently have over 50 licensed vehicles on the road and provide most of our in house equipment through our Ragle fleet.