B-32608-A -Newberry IN
The project included the construction of new 7 span bridge over the White River. The bridge superstructure was comprised of 76'' structural steel plate girders. The bridge substructure was placed on 7'' drilled shafts with 60'' rock sockets that were up to 95'' in length. The major bridge substructure elements were of sufficient thickness to require mass pour thermal control specifications. The existing truss bridges were removed utilizing specialized explosives. Construction required specialty shoring systems because of its close proximity to the existing bridge which remained in service throughout the project. Major bridge quantiles included: 1075 LF of 72'' drilled shafts, 1,200 LF of driven h-piling, 13,000 SF of temporary sheet piling, 780 CY of substructure concrete (Mass Poured), 1,930 CY of superstructure concrete, 1,300,000 LB of reinforcing steel and over 3,000,000 LB of structural steel

Address Newberry, IN
Cost $11,350,000
Start Date October 2013
Completion Date November 2016